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Episode Summary: As Ōrang and Sorūsh prepare their fleets against the rebel alliance at Boreas, Ōrang laments that they will be fighting against their own countrymen while Sorūsh believes the quicker they defeat the rebels and win this war, the quicker peace will finally come. As the alliance prepares their forces, Fam is offered a fighter vanship for the upcoming battle but she refuses as she doesn't want to kill people. As both forces' leaders have a meeting on neutral ground, Vasant asks Ōrang and Sorūsh to join them as Luscinia's actions are destroying the late Empress Farahanaz's dream but Sorūsh refuses and accuses Vasant of using Empress Sara's name to justify her rebellion. Meanwhile, Ōrang is conflicted between putting down the rebellion and his loyalty to the Empress. Vasant then begins making plans to attack Boreas. Atamora, who had heard Fam refusing to kill, consoles her and tells her to stick to her promise of helping Millia. As the rebels and loyalists battle for control of Boreas, Fam decides she won't fight as a soldier, but as a Sky Pirate, and makes plans to capture Sorūsh's flagship, the Senapati. Sorūsh, leads his fleet in an all out charge at the narrow pass to capture Vasant's flagship, the Anaitis, which Empress Sara is on board. The Sky Pirates attempt to stop him but fail. Shocked at Sorūsh's willingness to fire on the Anaitis despite Sara being on board, Ōrang switches sides and orders his fleet to attack Sorūsh's fleet instead, ordering them to surrender. Realizing Ōrang ordered the attack, Sorūsh praises Ōrang for sticking to his beliefs and gives a final order to his fleet: those loyal to the Empress surrender now and those wishing to bring world peace join him in a final charge on Anaitis. Ōrang is forced to destroy the Senapati. Sorūsh and his men give a final hail to Sara before their ship crashes into the valley which Sara witnesses, crying over his death. Despite the rebels winning the battle, Sara is in grief over Sorūsh's death and refuses to see Vasant. Dio and Al finally arrive at Boreas despite the former's injuries. At Northern Glacies, Luscinia tells Alauda they are still sticking to the plans they made ten years ago.

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