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Episode Summary: The Third and Fourth Ades battle fleets led by Generals Ōrang and Sorūsh defeat the battle fleets of Notos and Luscinia reports the surrender of Turan to the Ades Federation child Empress, Sara Augusta. Sara wishes to the conquer and regain the lands for its original inhabitants who's ancestors were driven out and taken by immigrants of Exiles like Turan, telling Luscinia and his Generals to continue their work including finding all of the keys to the Exiles. At the Sky Pirates fortress Kortoffel, Millia blames Fam for not rescuing Liliana and is upset in seeing Lasas sold and turn into scrap metal. When Millia causes a commotion trying to ride Fam's Vespa to regain her sister's chalice that was bought a Sky Pirate, Fam, feeling sorry for her, helps Millia get the chalice back. Meanwhile, Millia's butler Teddy is invited into Giselle's family home where she explains the Sky Pirates are refugees who were forced off their lands by Ades because they were descendents of Exile immigrants. After finally getting back the chalice and returning home, Fam tells Millia her past revealing she was an orphan adopted by Atamora after surviving a vanship crash whens she was a baby and her dream to see the return and win the Grand Race of vanships when the world was still at peace. Arriving at Kortoffel, the residents perform “Okuribi”, a candlelight ritual to honor those who died in battle and return their souls to the skies. Watching this, Millia apologizes to Fam and vows to change herself. After Millia gets a haircut by Giselle, Dio informs everyone that the mysterious battleship Silvius has been spotted which Fam plans to steal.

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