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Episode Summary: Fam and Giselle have captured eight Ades battleships with seven more ships to go. Elsewhere, Dio and Fam sent flyers announcing the Turan Government-in-Exile. As more nations form alliances with the Ades Federation, Sara orders her Generals to conquer more Exile nations. Meanwhile, Fam, Giselle and Millia head to the city of El Dorado to participate in an underground vanship race where Fam makes a bet with an Ades noblewoman named Roshanak Babar where if she beats Babar's vanship pilot in the race, Fam gets Babar's battleship Nāhīd. Roshanak agrees but on the condition that if her pilot wins, she gets Millia. Unfortunately for Fam, Babar's pilot is a former Grand Race competitor. Elsewhere, Luscinia accuses a group of Ades nobles of treason, claiming their ships which were stolen by Fam were in fact given to the Turan Government-in-Exile and orders his assassins to purge them. During the underground vanship race, Fam and Giselle are unable to overtake Babar's pilot but on the final lap, Fam and Giselle makes a dangerous gamble by ejecting fuel from their vespa to lose weight, make a dangerous sharp turn by hooking to a pillar, overtaking Babar's pilot and winning the race. As Fam, Giselle and Millia celebrate, Roshanak takes the lose with good stride. With their new catch, everyone heads back to the Silvius while Fam scolds the Silvius mechanic crew for not betting on her.

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