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Episode Summary: With the First Ades Fleet and Silvius engaged in battle near their border, Glacies launch Rocket Vanships towards the combat zone. Meanwhile, despite Sadri's message to the crew of the Silvius to surrender Millia and themselves in exchange for their safety, Tatiana ignores his demands and orders her crew to prepare for battle. They attempt to break through the Ades Fleet formation with skilled use of vanships and a smokescreen. The Silvius seemingly escapes the fray only to encounter Sadri's flagship, the Anshar. Under heavy attack, Tatiana orders the Silvius to the mountain range near the Glacies border. Feeling responsible for the current situation, Fam asks Tatiana to allow her to help, and she immediately sets out to do so by capturing one final battleship to fulfill their agreement. In a rush, she takes Millia as her Navi. With the Silvius hiding in the clouds and suffering damage from the Ades Fleet's depth charges, Tatiana orders the Silvius to head towards the weakest point of the mountain side. They blast it with their weapons to enable passage of the ship through. At the same time, the Rocket Vanships arrive and begin their assault on the Ades Fleet. Sadri orders most of the fleet to leave the Glacies border, with only the Anshar and three other battleships to continue the pursuit of the Silvius. One of the Rocket Vanships attaches a cable on the Silvius and orders the crew to surrender. A massive chunk of debris ejected by the earlier mountain blast suddenly hits the Silvius, forcing the ship under the clouds. The attached Rocket Vanship is dragged under and their crew is knocked unconscious. As the Rocket Vanship swings helplessly Fam and Millia rush to its aid until the crew regain consciousness. Another Glacies vanship destroys the cable and escorts their colleagues away from the Silvius. With the Silvius skilfully avoiding a crash into the Grand Lake, Fam flies around to the underside of the Anshar. Millia shoots and disables the Anshar's Claudia engine, forcing the crew to abandon ship. With the resulting capture of their 15th and final battleship, Fam and Millia return to the Silvius and a heroes' welcome. As the credits roll with the theme song "Starboard [Silky Wind ver.]" by Hitomi Kuroishi playing, pictures of the first fourteen battleships Fam and her friends captured are shown.

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