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"I Can Definitely Always Work Hard"

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Episode Summary: Kudryavka decides to take a national proficiency test in school, and the other Little Busters members help her study, especially in her weakest field English. Komari coaches Kudryavka in English, followed by Mio covering both math and physics. While Kudryavka is eating with Riki and Masato, some girls make fun of her, but are quickly scared away by Yuiko. Kudryavka continues to study in the library with Riki, Masato and Yuiko. Kudryavka tells them about her grandfather who raised her and how she used to travel around with him, including a small island nation called Tebwa in Southeast Asia where she was born. Kanata comes by to give Kudryavka back her book on the many-worlds interpretation, one of many books she reads for international exams as a hobby. On the day of the test, Kudryavka accidentally fills in the wrong bubbles on her test, and has to take a remedial class as a result. Kudryavka feels bad about failing after her friends helped her study so much, but the others Little Busters show up in the remedial class to show her that she is not alone.

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