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"If You're Happy, I'm Happy"

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Episode Summary: On the school's roof, Riki finds Komari Kamikita, a clumsy girl from his class who loves sweets. Riki tells her he wants to recruit her for the baseball team, but he soon realizes that she may not be well suited for baseball. Later, Riki goes to find Rin after she shirks her classroom duties to play with several cats. One of the cats has two notes tied to it, the first of which says that there is a secret to the world and if they want to find out what it is, they have to complete several tasks first. The second note lists their first task: Fix the sanitation problem in the boys' dorm storage shack. Riki doubts the sincerity of the notes, but Rin is excited to take on the first task. She later gathers up Kyousuke, Riki and Masato to go clean the storage shack. Komari finds them there and agrees to be join their baseball team, but first she and the others go to work cleaning up the shack. On the baseball field, Komari displays a complete lack of athletic ability, but Kyousuke still welcomes her onto the team after she replies to his question of what is necessary for baseball with the answer, "Guts, bravery and friendship." Soon after, Riki collapses from an attack of narcolepsy, which he has had since childhood.

10 Responses to “Little Busters! Episode 2”

  1. Celefic

    Oct 14th, 2012

    loving this anime :)

  2. crnr


    Oct 14th, 2012

    LOL there really is a secret in that world and its a big one!

  3. crnr


    Oct 14th, 2012

    thats the happiness spiral theory by komari kamimkita


  4. Sugoisan

    Oct 15th, 2012

    Epic, I take back most of the stuff I said in my comment on the last episode.

  5. Cornerer

    Oct 16th, 2012

    it’s a great anime but still not as great as Clannad, Kanon and Air imo
    Note: Tht secret might not be something laughable according to the game.

  6. Neo

    Oct 16th, 2012

    This anime is gonna be epic

  7. crnr


    Nov 4th, 2012

    don’t say its not as great as the other anime u know after u know the secret of the anime is

  8. aoikazuya

    Dec 7th, 2012


  9. icemake

    Oct 28th, 2013


  10. icemake

    Oct 28th, 2013

    can’t log in?

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