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"To Find What I've Lost"

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Episode Summary: Komari continues to dream about her brother, and Riki goes to see Kojirō to learn more about Takuya. Kojirō merely tells him that he should not pry further into the matter if he cares about Komari. Unable to sleep, Riki goes out to buy a drink and encounters Komari at the school gate, who had gone out to buy snacks. She invites him up to the roof to watch a meteor shower, where the spend the rest of the night. Komari asks Riki to go on a date with her so she can search for her lost memories. They take a train to go to where Komari used to live and they end up taking a boat out on a lake. Riki suggests to her that she does not necessarily have to look for her brother, and Komari jokingly asks him if he will be her brother. It starts raining on their way back towards school, and while running to find shelter, Riki spots a dead kitten. Komari starts sobbing uncontrollably as she recalls memories of her brother.

3 Responses to “Little Busters! Episode 5”

  1. crnr


    Nov 4th, 2012

    After watching this episode I am pretty sure that its gonna end up in komari’s route

    what do u think guy???

    komari’s route isn’t really my favorite but I guess its the best next one to my favorite and seeing the beautiful view’s its definitely worth my time

    oh dang don’t tell me its gonna make me cry again just like in the Visual Novel

  2. Cornerer

    Nov 4th, 2012

    u obviously didn’t watched Clannad did u?
    the anime’ll be very likely to go through all the routes in the game, just like Clannad did

  3. crnr


    Nov 7th, 2012

    is that so then this only means its gonna take while before I see the route that I want >.<

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