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"Let's Looking For Roommate"

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Episode Summary: Riki, Rin and Masato come across Kudryavka playing with her two dogs Belka and Strelka, and they invite her to join the baseball team. After Kudryavka shows her athleticism, she is quickly accepted onto the team. Later, Riki and Masato help Kudryavka move some boxes into her room, and they find out that she does not have a roommate, but wants one. Riki suggests they ask the resident assistant of the girl's dormitory, who puts out a notice on the dorm mailing list. Of the Little Busters members, Rin and Yuiko do not have roommates, but both end up refusing for personal reasons. After walking around, Riki and Kudryavka chance upon their classmate Mio Nishizono reading a book under a tree. Upon learning she also has no roommate, they ask about her rooming with Kudryavka, but Mio refuses in the end because she believes all the books she has in her room would cause Kudryavka problems. While Kudryavka dismays over not finding a roommate, Kanata comes by and says that she will be her roommate, much to her joy.

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