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"It Struck Without Warning"
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Episode Summary: Following the loss of their first baseball game, the Little Busters have a pancake party. While returning from the party, Yuiko overhears some girls badmouthing her, claiming that they will pay her back for being humiliated in the past. Some time later, Riki and the others learn that someone had filled Kudryavka's bag with thumbtacks and destroyed Komari's notes. Suspicious of a girl who was overhearing them, Riki follows her and finds the same girls Yuiko had noticed the other day in a classroom, figuring that they are the culprits. Despite being confronted by Riki, the girls claim that there is nothing he can without any evidence of what they did, until Yuiko appears and plays a recorded conversation between them that proves their involvement. Despite that, the girls refuse to give up and claim that they will keep tormenting Yuiko's friends until Yuiko destroys the room's door with a single kick and threatens to do the same with their faces, forcing them to give up. When a teacher arrives and discovers the damage, Kyousuke and the other boys cover for Yuiko and Riki as they escape by themselves to the broadcast room. The room seems familiar to Riki despite never having been there before and with his memories confused, he suffers another attack of narcolepsy and collapses.

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  1. Animecon

    Oct 5th, 2013

    I m trying to determine if this season sucks any less than the last, Which indeed sucked badly.

  2. animeloversp

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Animecon, go kill yourself.

  3. crnr


    Oct 5th, 2013

    @Animecon you can just keep your own opinion to yourself

    how can this season suck if there are alot of good season 2′s this season


    Oct 12th, 2013

    go kill yourself animecon

  5. Animecon

    Oct 12th, 2013

    Sorry, still alive; and I know you live in communist china under a rock, but where I come from, we have “freedom of speech” .

    And how are you going to tell me to keep my opinion to myself while you are expressing yours?

  6. HaikalDz

    Mar 14th, 2014


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