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"The End of the World"
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Episode Summary: After having the Little Busters once again reunited, Riki suggests for them to play baseball, and the others accept. During the match, Kyousuke reveals to Riki that the world they are currently in was created by him and the others after a bus accident killed all students aboard except for Riki and Rin. Kyousuke explains that this world was meant to prepare them to move forward with their lives, so Kyousuke and the others gave the duo a series of trials to have them mature and become stronger. After Masato and Kengo bid their farewells, Kyousuke tearfully instructs Riki to take Rin past the school gates back to the real world, as the time for them to part has come. As Riki and Rin get past the gates, Kyousuke has one last tour around the school before sitting at his desk and disappearing along with the world he created.

6 Responses to “Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 11”

  1. ahomine

    Dec 14th, 2013

    my heart literally broke

  2. taylor

    Dec 14th, 2013


  3. Regnier


    Dec 15th, 2013

    :.( This series definitely belongs on in the tear jerker catagory along with Clannad: after story and Angel Beats…. just a fyi.. eating does not stave off the tears…….. Very good episode

  4. crnr


    Dec 17th, 2013

    code RED! the flood gates are bursting someone do something to shut it TT-TT
    someone correct me if I’m wrong that BGM in this is “Faraway” right?
    (spoiler! maybe XD)
    that’s it? if memory serves me right there is still more to it right ?

  5. klamens

    Jun 13th, 2014

    i cry’d

  6. AlucardsBest

    Oct 1st, 2014

    Season 1 was so happy and cheerful!! What happened? I can’t stop crying!!!

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