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"I Always Wanted to Stay Here"
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Episode Summary: The day of June 20 keeps repeating without anyone taking heed of it, except for Riki himself, and no one else seems to find it strange even when it starts snowing. Riki decides to look for Kyousuke to ask for his advice but he is nowhere to be found. However, Riki learns that Yuiko is the only other person who knows the truth and she claims that it all is her fault. Her wish for staying with the Little Busters forever had been granted in the form of a dream, and she tells Riki that she only knew what happiness was after meeting Riki and his friends. Yuiko tells him that things will return to normal when he wakes up from the dream, but Riki will forget everything that happened. Before bidding farewell, Yuiko warns Riki to take care of Rin, as the "fated day" is at hand.

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  1. Anemois

    Oct 19th, 2013

    damn it look at what you did Haruhi Suzumiya

  2. crnr


    Oct 19th, 2013

    The BGM in their converstion was tittle “song for friends” right ????

    I smell the secret of the world about to be revealed >.<

    I wonder how would they tell the rin's route

  3. Daryuda

    Jul 12th, 2014

    At least it’s not 8 episodes of the same thing

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