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"The Apocalypse"
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Episode Summary: In medias res Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki find themselves ambushed by a pack of briar weasel monsters. Following a game update some time earlier, a confused Shiroe finds himself in the District of Akihabara[note 2] inside the Elder Tale video game while donning his in-game character. He encounters other panicked players and all find themselves unable to log-out. Accessing his game menu, Shiroe quickly makes contact and teams up with his friend Naotsugu and later, the assassin—Akatsuki. The next day, Shiroe and co. meet with his friend and master of the Crescent Moon Alliance guild—Marielle to compare notes on their current reality. Shiroe and co. learn that the teleportation gates across all the Japanese game districts have been rendered offline in addition to the start of a widespread guild recruitment campaign to deal with the changes of the recent "Novasphere Pioneers" update. Afterwards Shiroe and co. discuss the possible outcomes of an in-game death and head into the Archive Tower Forests to test their theory where they are ambushed by the pack of briar weasels. After some initial difficulty, they are able to overcome the ambush by physically moving their bodies to attack rather than relying on their preset attack commands. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure watches as a girl called Serara makes a panicked call to Marielle while being chased by two players.

34 Responses to “Log Horizon Episode 1”

  1. Username001

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Please no one bitch how this is a clone to SAO. The concept of being trapped in a video game started way before SAO, like .hack

  2. FeelinFine

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Why would anyone want to make a clone to such a horrible series

  3. Username001

    Oct 5th, 2013

    I don’t understand what makes you say that. SAO is based off its light novel which is going incredibly strong with currently 13 novels. And you call that a horrible series. It may be because your ignorance towards anime.
    Log Horizon also has a light novel with 6 volumes.
    Again I speculate that it is your ignorance to anime that you think this is a clone and that SAO is a horrible series.
    It’s frustrating how you think Log Horizon just flat out copied SAO.

  4. nxwhore

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Mmmm bitch please trying to copy SAO go fuck urself not even worth my time.

  5. kaapkolonie

    Oct 5th, 2013

    this is’nt a sao clone but more of a hack parody if u ask me. Anyway im just gonna watch it for the humor even do i hate the character design.

  6. Flying Pussyfoot

    Oct 5th, 2013

    I am hoping that Log Horizon will improve on SAO’s flaws. Unfortunately I cannot hope this doesnt bring haters because it already has

  7. talo

    Oct 5th, 2013

    SAO was a better .Hack which was a rip off of every other anime involving transporting to another world… so.. yah get over yourself.

  8. Zalpharx

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Just to get it straight, nothing is original at the point of time we are in today, everything is copied/inspired by other different things. I could just go ahead and say all virtual reality MMO or MMO becoming reality stories/manga/anime are all just copies of the person who came up with the idea of game as reality. This as a clone of SAO? Laughable, let’s just say anything about or related to MMO is just another clone of lord of the rings or something, after all, LOTR did inspire MMORPGs.

  9. You'reAllIdiots

    Oct 5th, 2013

    SO basically, you’re all idiots

  10. Exceptforyou

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Idk why everyone is hating its only the first episode. The biggest difference to me is that they are more playful and not as serious… I haven’t read the light novel so I can’t judge it, but i’ll be watching it all the way through.

  11. animeloversp

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Get over yerselves, if you don’t like it don’t watch it, I’m expecting not to see any of your comments in the future

  12. Regnier


    Oct 5th, 2013

    Comparing this to .hack to SAO is like comparing guildwars to WoW to Tera Rising . You really can’t compare them and they each have their own quirks, feel, and settings. So get it please. This is a decent anime, watch it if your interested or don’t if your not.

  13. Regnier


    Oct 5th, 2013

    So get over it please.*

  14. Stephen


    Oct 6th, 2013

    i loveing this already, love the mmo traped gene

  15. AzaelAkai


    Oct 6th, 2013

    Stephen, I agree. I too love the mmo trapped genre.

  16. chathana

    Oct 6th, 2013

    I love this too seems really funny. :)
    Elder Tales huh, I wanna see some dragons and a talking one too, as a boss. xD

  17. GURUu

    Oct 8th, 2013

    =w= many series have trap in game ~ e.g. Digimon ~ :D just enjoy the show~

  18. crnr


    Oct 11th, 2013

    haters gonna hate

    so I suggest stop watching if u didn’t like it and keep all of your fucking opinions to yourselves

  19. makubexx


    Oct 15th, 2013

    yah im agree stop watching if u didn’t like
    it :D

  20. kin


    Jan 15th, 2014

    fuck you haters (^_^)

  21. Jasermaeed

    Jan 25th, 2014

    well just amazing

  22. carloshyong

    Feb 15th, 2014

    yeah MMP trapped game -LIKED!!!!! XD

  23. carloshyong

    Feb 15th, 2014

    Opps MMO sorry

  24. P.Rican414

    Mar 22nd, 2014

    Not ev en going to hate before i give it a shot. It has 5 episodes to bring me in or I’ll give up but so far not bad

  25. crowhead

    Apr 2nd, 2014


  26. Cybernide

    May 9th, 2014

    Manny haters :( all haters are BAKA!

  27. SpectraNoir

    Jul 12th, 2014

    Good Series

  28. Sakuchii

    Aug 1st, 2014

    I don’t understand: do we have to leave comments only if we like it? I mean, a comment is a comment, it is here to show what we think about the anime, so why can’t we say that we don’t like or hate it?

    ” Just stop watching it if you don’t like it” well we can also say: ” Just keep on watching it if you like it”, whether it is like or dislike, without any arguments, both comments are not that useful

    Just let it be, everyone has his own opinion, so everyone can write what he wants, as long as it is not insulting.

  29. nachosolo

    Aug 29th, 2014

    I actually come to read for positive comment. Well, hater, you can say what u want. I dunno which clone which, but the important is if interesting and nice, why not?? stop argue and watch anime..

  30. fangirl

    Feb 20th, 2015

    this is actually pretty good :)

  31. Shemaru

    Jun 23rd, 2015

    You all stupied complain about a copy so what hundred of anime have been copy what is the diffrint now? So watch it or leave it that it

  32. Shemaru

    Jun 23rd, 2015

    That for both hate and who like the anime to all of your insulting comments to people just enjoy it and shut up oh by the way someone please say something about episode and not stupied comment

  33. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 16th, 2015

    SAO is the best game trap anime ever, well log never copied anything..

  34. UR MUM

    Dec 23rd, 2015

    If you are not watching leave

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