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"An Invitation from Eastal"
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Episode Summary: While hunting, two People of the Land notice a strange phenomenon over the forest. Meanwhile with Akihibara now bustling with activity, Naotsugu and Akatsuki take Tohya and Minori under their wing for training. As Shiroe also begins experimenting with his scribe sub-class, Marielle starts craving to visit the beach. This gives Shiroe the idea too hold a summer training camp for new players. Afterwards, emissaries of Eastal arrive in Akihabara and invite the Round Table to a meeting and ball. Having already anticipated this, Shiroe informs Crusty that it would be a prime opportunity to learn more about the People of the Land and along with Michitaka, Henrietta, Akatsuki and Misa Takayama, they set off the following month. At the same time, the training camp also set off for Choushi where they end up having fun at the beach. Marielle and Minori also speak to People of the Land as part of Shiroe's suggestion that they learn as much as they can. Elsewhere, the Round Table representatives arrive at The Palace of Eternal Ice and meet with Sergiatte during the ball. As Crusty and Sergiatte begin a discussion, Shiroe notes that both the adventurers and the People of the Land are weary of the other. Finally, as Princess Lenessia graces the dance with her presence, Naotsugu informs the trainees that they will head into the Forest of Lagranda dungeon for group training the next day.

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  1. Wylie

    Dec 14th, 2013

    Download please

  2. Regnier


    Dec 14th, 2013

    This anime leaves me more and more exited about the next episode…. I really can’t wait to see where this series goes. It is so far on my top anime list. :)

  3. Pikachoo

    Dec 14th, 2013

    Surely the top of the 2013 listings.

  4. JAdamant

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  5. july

    Dec 14th, 2013

    wonder what anime in 2014…huhu

  6. thewriterjm

    Dec 14th, 2013

    Without a doubt, this is going deeper and deeper.

  7. kaapkolonie

    Dec 14th, 2013

    i wonder what that black thing in the beginning was it lookt like black smoke but im guessing there gonna make something more out of it. I cant wait for next weeks episode, i just hope this aint a 12/13 episode thing.

  8. chathana

    Dec 15th, 2013

    YYESSS, it just keeps getting more and more interesting, good thing it isnt a 12-13 episode series. lets hope it goes more than 24 episodes too :)

  9. rei

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  10. rikasama

    Jan 2nd, 2014

    this should b good

  11. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 18th, 2015

    That’s what she said!!

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