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"The Forest of Lagranda"
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Episode Summary: As the ball continues, Sergiatte invites the Round Table representatives to participate in the dance due to the People of the Lands' expectation. However much to the group's reluctance, Crusty nominates Shiroe to participate and with help from Henrietta's bard sub-class, they quickly impress the entire ball. Afterwards, Minori calls Shiroe to inform him of their dungeon training and he reminds her of his lessons. The next day, Shiroe explains that the People of the Land would compete with themselves over dealings with the adventurers in order to obtain their fighting and technological power by putting them in the People's debt. He then proposes that they create rules to protect the Round Table when the People inevitably start approaching their guilds individually and hence has Akatsuki begin reconnaissance as preparation. Elsewhere, the training camp makes their way to the Forest of Lagranda and split up into groups, however Minori has trouble speaking her mind in a group with Tohya, Rundelhaus Code, Isuzu and Serara. Eventually the group encounters some monsters and familiarize themselves with their teamwork. Despite their best attempts however, they are quickly overpowered by the next wave of monsters and make a tactical retreat. Back at Palace of Eternal Ice, Crusty introduces himself to Lenessia.

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  1. genesis

    Dec 21st, 2013

    this is great :)

  2. chathana

    Dec 21st, 2013

    Just gets more and more better, YES!!!

  3. kaapkolonie

    Dec 21st, 2013

    i dont know it feels like they slow’d the story down a bit if u ask me. Still cant wait to see next weeks episode do i just hope this will be a 24/26 ep serie’s

  4. ff

    Dec 22nd, 2013


  5. P.Rican414

    Mar 23rd, 2014

    always has to be the dps douche that steals the aggro from the tank because waiting 5 seconds to attack is too hard lol

  6. Shemaru

    Jun 24th, 2015

    Lol in a game 5 sec is nothing but ther it’s take forever XD

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