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"Shield And Freedom"
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Episode Summary: The Round Table representatives find themselves with invitations to various meetings throughout the palace. Meanwhile, as Elissa warns Lenessia to be weary of the adventurers, the latter recalls her previous meeting with Crusty where he uses her as a convenient shield against scrutiny from the palace folk. The next day, Lenessia happens upon a sparring session with the palace knights where Crusty craftily manipulates her into accompanying him to the evening party as a reward for defeating all the knights. Elsewhere, Akatsuki eavesdrops on two palace folk and learns of a group called the Izumo Knights. Afterwards, Crusty explains to Lenessia about the freedom the adventurers enjoy due to their resolve as opposed to her sheltered life. Elsewhere, the training group makes little progress exploring the dungeon by failing to see what they lack. Meanwhile Marielle and Shōryū notice a strange phenomenon on the ocean horizon. Lord Darte also asks Michitaka to share sea faring technology with him. After Crusty and Lenessia attend the evening party, the former explains his interest in Lenessia by likening her to his real-world sister. Elsewhere, Shiroe meets with Akatsuki after his meeting with the Academic's guild and learns of the information she gathered. Just then, they are approached a mage from Miral Lake known as Regan.

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