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"World Fraction"
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Episode Summary: Being an academic in the study of World-class magic, Regan offers Shiroe and Akatsuki an explanation of the World Fraction spell and its thrice use in the world's history, with Shiroe correctly deducing the third time being the Apocalypse. Regan explains that long ago the Human, Elf and Dwarf races destroyed the Alv kingdom out of technological jealousy. Seeking revenge, the remaining Alves cast the first World Fraction which resulted in the creation of the endlessly respawning demi-humans which subsequently pushed the planet into a world war. This caused humanity to create powerful hybrid races to aid in the war, until they were forced to cast the second World Fraction which summoned the adventurers to their aid. As Regan also explains points out when Shiroe's name appeared in the world's history, Shiroe confirms the events using the game's rate of time as it correlates to the real world, including the start of the game's open beta which brought the human-controlled adventurers and when he began playing Elder Tale. Regan then moves on to explain his Spirit Theory whereby memories in the form of experience points are lost during the revival process—a theory which Shiroe decides to withhold from the Round Table for the time being. Meanwhile, Minori finally decides to speak her mind to the training group.

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  1. Windexxx

    Jan 4th, 2014

    I am really liking this anime though the plot could be much bette ;)

    I hope this will be a longer anime than other usual animes because IT IS GOOD!

  2. Ragingfox


    Jan 4th, 2014

    24 episodes – rumors about a season 2 (most definitely will have one).

  3. animeloversp

    Jan 4th, 2014

    Plot Doesn’t need to be better, but that’s coming from I who keeps reading the light novels lol

  4. crnr


    Jan 4th, 2014

    please tell me when u say plot your not talking about you know what right?

  5. khant

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    Oct 21st, 2014


  9. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 18th, 2015

    Memories can be lost after death in the game? PLOT TWIST

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