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"Return of the Goblin King"
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Episode Summary: The camp begins encountering other goblin monsters inland while Nyanta discovers a massive goblin army approaching from the north. After pooling their knowledge, Naotsugu informs Shiroe who organizes an emergency relay conference with the Round Table. Shiroe postulates that the recent attacks are part of a quest known as "Goblin King's Return". The adventurers then realize that in their neglect of quests from the People to defeat the goblins in favor of their development of Akihabara, they allowed the Goblin King to unite a great army. At the same time, Lenessia's father leaves to defend the town of Maihama from a goblin invasion. Afterwards, the training camp discovers a goblin raiding force marching towards the nearby town of Choushi. Meanwhile Shiroe summons Soujirou and the West Wind Brigade to the Palace of Eternal Ice to aid in its defense should it come under attack. Shiroe then informs the Round Table representatives of his hypothesis that an in-game death induces memory loss, which Crusty verifies and shockingly reveals that he had already lost some memories of the real world. Elsewhere, the training camp makes their way to Choushi but end up arriving too late. However, Minori decides that the adventurers shouldn't wait for the People to ask for their aid, and instead attack the goblins for themselves.

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