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"Chasing After Them"
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Episode Summary: Upon arriving on the battlefield, Crusty's group engages the goblin army at Kasumi Lake. Meanwhile, at the Midraunt headquarters, Shiroe explains the pivotal role Choushi plays in his plan to contain the goblin advancement. At the same time, a large army of monsters begin moving towards Choushi and the trainees persuade Marielle to let them defend the town. While watching the trainees fight, Naotsugu and Nyanta comment on their battle styles and of Minori's attempt to imitate Shiroe's battle tactics. As the battle of Choushi wears on, Minori's group takes off to defend other parts of the town while Shiroe informs Marielle of the arrival of reinforcements in another hour. With the battle taking a huge toll on them, Minori's group soon finds themselves slowly overpowered against a small group of goblins and dire wolves. As Tohya's begins taking heavy damage, Minori starts losing control of the battle. However Rundelhaus suddenly charges at the last two wolves with his magical gauntlets and kills them in a suicide attack. In the aftermath, Rundelhaus' friends try in vain to revive him. Already knowing the inevitable though, Isuzu tearfully explains Rundelhaus' nature as a Person of the Land—who dies permanently. Refusing to give up, Minori immediately asks Shiroe for his aid.

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  1. july

    Feb 8th, 2014

    HUOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW OWOW WOWOWOWOWOWOWO

  2. july

    Feb 8th, 2014


  3. kaapkolonie

    Feb 8th, 2014

    first, so rudy was a spy and now he’s gonna die, that sucks i kinda like’d that guy

  4. kaapkolonie

    Feb 8th, 2014

    crap where did u guys come from u stole my spot

  5. animeloversp

    Feb 8th, 2014

    Living in a Database!

  6. crnr


    Feb 8th, 2014

    never saw that one coming >.<
    how can a NPC have a attitude as if he was a player ????

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that trailer for the next episode did my eyes trick me or did they really revive one of the people of the land ?

  7. animeloversp

    Feb 8th, 2014

    LOL I love how this anime is, just like in the books, when things pick up, they get really epic and heart pounding.

  8. masteng

    Feb 9th, 2014

    i hope thie anime will have more than 24 episode

  9. Roxas_bk201

    Feb 10th, 2014

    the wall of pure fiction is cracking in my head
    and the addiction of my world still spreads

  10. Shemaru

    Jun 24th, 2015

    I know ther was something strange about rudy his party cant add him to the friends list why? I thing coz his not a player in the first place more like npc or people of the land but that dont explain how he can use magic and skill like normal player

  11. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 18th, 2015

    Rudy’s an NPC as expected. Because… When that girl tried adding him to the friend list, the system didn’t accept it. Also he didn’t want to be in guilds because they might find out hes an NPC guy

  12. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 18th, 2015

    Shemaru; he probably is an Izumo Knight

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