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Episode Summary: Shiroe leaves for Choushi while Minori relays their situation. Using Regan's theories of revival, Shiroe has Minori, Serara and Isuzu alternate between restoring Rundelhaus' health and magic to prevent his body from being destroyed. Meanwhile, Misa and Lenessia update Crusty on the status of the battle and they prepare to intercept the goblin general's forces in Zantleaf. At the same time, Shiroe arrives at Minori and co's location and uses his enchanter abilities and a revival item to restore Roundelhaus' magic and temporarily revive him for a few minutes. As Rundelhaus awakens and accepts his fate much to the grief of his friends, Shiroe sharply rebuffs his resolve. Using the theory to bend the laws of the world by making things oneself, Shiroe presents Rundelhaus with a contract to join Log Horizon as an adventurer. Willing to use his abilities for the good of others, Rundelhaus signs the contract and dies as one of the People of the Land. Elsewhere, Crusty and the other adventurers mercilessly slaughter the goblin general and his forces at Zantleaf while Marielle's group and the reinforcements repel the monsters invading Choushi. Afterwards Shiroe explains his definition of an adventurer to Minori. Finally, Rundelhaus awakens at the cathedral to his new status as an adventurer and gets a severe scolding from Isuzu for his recklessness.

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    who’s care u first DOG

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    Feb 15th, 2014

    wauw i love’d this episode, so rudy got his character status change’d to that of an adventurer that’s pretty cool. this series rocks

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    Feb 15th, 2014

    so contracts have that kind of power?

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    Feb 15th, 2014

    It was his sub class so i’m wondering if he gets abilities other ppl don’t

  8. olympus

    Feb 16th, 2014

    and rudy’s status changes to dog xdd

  9. chathana

    Feb 17th, 2014

    Creating a new magic is epic, especially if it wasn’t in the game.

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    Is it just me or is Blonde dogboy Natsu

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    Yea his vice the same but the personalty is a diffrint story

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