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"Student of the Mage"
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Episode Summary: The second day of the Scale Festival gets underway and the members of Log Horizon go off on their own for the day's activities. Minori also stops off at Karashin's busy office to procure tickets for Lenessia's Twilight Banquet and offers her services. At the same time the city's inhabitants begin getting into squabbles with merchants of the People of the Land while Minori begins to use her apprentice sub-class to help Karashin account for the festival's finances. Elsewhere Nyanta peacefully kicks a rowdy Person of the Land out of a restaurant and reports the matter to Shiroe. While the Black Sword Knights and D.D.D. guilds work on maintaining order during the festival, they resolve more disputes involving the People of the Land. Issac and Crusty then discuss Shiroe's traits and agree that he works his best when doing so for the good of others. After putting a stop to yet another rowdy Person of the Land, Shiroe finally notices the strangeness of the People's behavior and after Minori reports inconsistencies in the festival's paperwork all resulting from errors by the People, Shiroe confirms that the city may be under attack and makes haste for the Guild Building while disgruntled at his own carelessness. Meanwhile, a ship led by the sinister looking Lord Malves prepares to make contact with Akihabara.

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  1. estral


    Mar 8th, 2014

    first god that felt stupid I take it back

  2. kaapkolonie

    Mar 8th, 2014

    wow who was that freak at the end? I like this series but if there gonna use some dorkie characters like that this thing will turn to shit before u know it. In that sense its good where allmost at the end of the series so it cant do any real damage anymore.

  3. crnr


    Mar 8th, 2014

    and yet someone else falls in love with shiroe XD
    with a fishy face like that I can definitely smell something good is about to happen

  4. Jwomble

    Mar 9th, 2014

    if im not mistaken there is only one episode left so how are they going to wrap things up and answer all the questions or are we expected to have cliff hangers that last a year till the next season

  5. Shemaru

    Jun 24th, 2015

    You foned out now too slow ther season 2 and may season 3

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