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Episode Summary: Shiroe postulates that the People of the Land led by the newly arrived Lord Malves of Westelande to be responsible for the attack on the city, with the intention of destroying the Round Table's reputation and treaty with Eastal. In preparation to counterattack, Shiroe has his comrades provide him with more information while Minori does her best to keep Karashin's office flowing using the skills taught to her by Shiroe. Afterwards Shiroe begins plotting all the points of disturbances caused by the People of the Land but has difficulty in discerning a pattern out of their random order until it finally dawns on him that the People are improvising on the spot. While stressed for a solution Shiroe gets a spark of genius after meeting Soujirou who had innocently beaten the cake contest with the help of his guild. In the meantime Lord Malves crashes the Twilight Banquet and corners Lenessia over his supposed mishandled cargo documents. Elsewhere, in a brilliant countermeasure, Shiroe uses the West Wind Brigade's infatuation with Soujirou as incentive for them to patrol the city and handle the disturbances. Shiroe and co. then learn of the banquet disturbance and decide to make the festival enjoyable as their true counterattack. Finally, Shiroe makes an appearance at Lenessia's banquet.

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  1. Ryean

    Mar 15th, 2014


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    Mar 15th, 2014


  3. kaapkolonie

    Mar 15th, 2014

    great episode and next weeks gonna be even better i know it will. i just cant figure out what that merchant is trying to pull with all those random attacks to the city, this plot needs more development first for it to make some sense

  4. animeloversp

    Mar 15th, 2014

    That great moment when someone who says first isn’t first lol

    Then Ragingfox sends them a picture rofl

  5. crnr


    Mar 15th, 2014

    as always he have something up in his sleeves XD
    what’s surprising me more is how shiroe comes up with random strategies for those random attacks XD
    OMG I hope they don’t end it at ep 25 >.< that would really kill the story that they already made
    on the other side what with that nobleman's face ???? is he a monkey or something XD

  6. NoxByFirstTry

    Mar 15th, 2014

    ahah hope that’s don’t end and go shiroe show him who’s the villain :O !!

  7. fritzce

    Mar 15th, 2014

    omg, is mp4upload link obliterated? i was hoping for it… :(

  8. fritzce

    Mar 15th, 2014

    i mean, i was hoping it would be available coz im hoping i could download there.. :(

  9. Ryean

    Mar 16th, 2014

    Hahahaha , first xD

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  11. Shemaru

    Jun 24th, 2015

    I am the last no more comment not allow

  12. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 19th, 2015

    RagingFox! The best video uploader!
    Shiro is the villain in glasses!
    Op op op
    Hes got something up his sleeves
    Next episode is the last
    Gonna watch season 2
    This anime is formidable to SAO!

  13. jacks12349

    Apr 15th, 2016


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