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Episode Summary: Finally arriving in Susukino, Shiroe and co. enter the district while weary of an ambush by the Brigandia guild. Meanwhile, as Demikas becomes alerted to their arrival, Shiroe meets up with Serara and Nyanta at a secret location, and shockingly discovers that his old friend Nyanta had been the one protecting Serara. Afterwards, Shiroe relays his plans with Naotsugu and Akatsuki and prepares to leave the district with Nyanta and Serara. After having waited patiently for them to exit the district, Shiroe, Nyanta and Serara are surrounded by the Brigandia guild and Shiroe taunts Demikas into a duel with Nyanta. As Nyanta's swashbuckler sub-class inflicts severe status ailments on Demikas, he crudely calls in his guild members for aid but Naotsugu quickly intercepts them. Both Naotsugu and Nyanta's health soon drop to dangerous levels and Shiroe has Serara heal them. With the healing having seemingly little effect, Naotsugu forces the Brigandia members to attack him and buys enough delay time for Shiroe to ensnare Demikas and allow Nyanta to defeat him. As Akatsuki marvels at their perfect timing and silent teamwork while taking down Demikas' remaining healers, Serara delivers the finishing blow to Demikas to protect Shiroe. With their mission successful, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Nyanta summon three griffons and the party makes their way back to Akihibara.

10 Responses to “Log Horizon Episode 4”

  1. Zygna


    Oct 26th, 2013

  2. TehGre

    Oct 26th, 2013

    One of the best animes so far this season and definitely better than Sword Art Online. Hate me all you want, it’s a simple fact.

  3. zygna 2

    Oct 26th, 2013

    I watch both.. SAO look like love adventure, this Log Horizon look kind a same.. just different character and power and both is virtual game.. and i like both anime, it is same reason why I like gundam, valvare, and any mecha anime because they hav an element that I like > robot and story

    so I would call this log horizon another variation of of anime..

  4. betrayer

    Oct 26th, 2013

    Good series, better than SAO? 4 episodes vs a full series is a retarded way to compare.

    I like the strategy part but damn they over explaining skills or what.

    And the Nyan cat is annoying.

  5. kinunatzs

    Oct 27th, 2013

    is it me or they don’t have a passive regeneration? isn’t that kinda impossible? almost all online RPG characters regen even when they battle so why not here? why compare this to SAO? this is more like of the .Hack series and isn’t Shiroe’s class a bit lousy? he have’t cast a offensive magic from the beginning till now all he does is support his party though i must admit their teamwork, tactics and strategy

  6. kinunatzs

    Oct 27th, 2013

    i forgot to add why the hell is that guardian friend of theirs was almost killed by a low levels? his a tanker and has very high defense shouldn’t he almost impossible to kill? by RPG standards since every that attacking him is like level 70 and below?

  7. henry

    Nov 2nd, 2013

    yeah,this is same good as SAO!!!!!

  8. Shemaru

    Jun 23rd, 2015

    I like both of them

  9. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 17th, 2015

    MCs should have offense..

  10. TheBlackSwordsmanKirito

    Aug 17th, 2015

    Looked like sao for a second when the kitty cat did so much burst

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