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Episode Summary: The Crescent Moon Alliance guild throws a party in their guild hall to commemorate Serara's return and keeps Nyanta's cooking methods a secret from the rest of the city. Afterwards Marielle explains to Shiroe that during his absence, Akihabara remained relatively peaceful despite an unnatural uneasiness befalling its citizens whereby no fault of their own—a social divide was established between the strong and weak guilds. Marielle also outlines that since the player level-limit was raised to 100 following the Novasphere Pioneers update, the stronger guilds such as the Black Sword Knights and Silver Sword have been leveling up using items obtained from the Hamelin guild who had been recruiting low-level players for the sole purpose of creating a monopoly on their exclusive items. Following this news, Shiroe later ponders on all of his excuses up until that point but upon running into Nyanta, realizes that he had just been using them as a means to run away from the reality of Akihabara's state of affairs despite his friends remaining by his side. Afterwards, Shiroe calls Minori and assures her that he will save them. The next day, while filled with new resolve, Shiroe asks the Crescent Moon Alliance to help in ending Hamelin's plot and restoring Akihabara's sense of goodwill with his newly formed guild—Log Horizon.

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  1. GURUu

    Nov 9th, 2013

    … that guild name… D:

  2. TehGre

    Nov 9th, 2013

    This anime is getting better and better with each episode. I simply can’t wait for each new episode to come out. :)

  3. Talo

    Nov 9th, 2013

    He then plays E.V.E. and tries to say he won’t join a guild. And is farmed until he rage quits.

  4. crnr


    Nov 10th, 2013


  5. ManBearChild

    Nov 10th, 2013

    Want More!!! haha loving this !! :D

  6. freakmango

    Nov 11th, 2013

    Didn’t watch it yet, but looking at the previous hate comments and this one… it’s really hard to believe the sudden change in people… (when I read the previous comments, I was all ” really?” and “is that so?” And now I’m like “pfffttt” because of the sudden change and got the feeling that some regretted it)←←← (just my perspective, okay?)

  7. AzaelAkai


    Nov 11th, 2013

    Dayum, didn’t see that guild name coming.

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