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"Crescent Moon"
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Episode Summary: Naotsugu, Shōryū and Hien begin hunting ingredient monsters in the Imperial Garden Forest while the girls, builders and cooks of the of the Crescent Moon Alliance along with Nyanta begin preparing themselves for one of Shiroe's plans. At the same time Henrietta and Shiroe task Marielle with approving an exorbitant amount of budget requests for the guild as part of Shiroe's plan to obtain his requested five million gold funding by taking advantage of the fact that Elder Tale has no strict ruling on how currency should be obtained. The following day, Crescent Moon Alliance opens a food booth and despite initial reluctance from the citizens, becomes an instant hit with word of their delicious food quickly spreading throughout the city. Afterwards, the stall manages to make over forty thousand gold in profit despite their sales being restricted by the total amount of citizens living in Akihabara and the total number they can serve daily. Shiroe then leaves the next stage of his plan to Henrietta before he informs Minori of their progress and urges her to wait a while longer. That night, Shiroe and Nyanta meet with former Debauchery Tea Party member and master of the West Wind Brigade guild—Soujirou Theta and asks for his aid, which he gives to Shiroe without hesitation. Finally Shiroe begins the second stage of his plan the next day.

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