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Episode Summary: After returning from overseas with Seta,Keitaro brings gifts for all the Hinata residents. After seeing Kanako,Keitaro thinks she's a new resident, but then recognizes her as the little girl who followed him. Kanako plans to get her and Keitaro alone, sending the dorm residents on "errands" that turn out to be fake. Tension rises a lot between Kanako and Naru. Keitaro asks Naru to meet him at the abandoned annex. Since the legend of the annex says if a couple stays there over night, they'll live happily ever after. Naru, once again trying to help Kanako and Keitaro sends Kanako to the annex, but regrets it after Haruka explained the legend, and how powerful its magic was. Of course Keitaro still doesn't remember he promised Kanako they'd go to the annex as children! In the dark he grabbed Kanako thinking she was Naru,and Kanako thinking he really loved her. When Keitaro realizes its Kanako, Naru arrives. It was too late!The magic forms a field around Kanako and Keitaro. Kanako still thinking Keitaro loves her says the ring he dropped was proof. Keitaro then says his gift for Naru. Naru tries to put the ring on,but it flies out of her hands.

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