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"Their Remarkable Encounter"

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Episode Summary: On their way to the prestigious Fujisaki Girls Academy, tomboy Riko Kurahashi saves two girls from a rogue football and are left marveling at her gruff wild exterior which is in contrast to the other girls at the academy. That day, Riko is reluctantly tasked with delivering papers to the Student Council Room, and finds that she desires excitement at the rather dull academy. When Riko arrives at the room, she shockingly discovers the student council president, Natsuo Maki kissing a dakimakura pillow. An embarrassed Natsuo begins panicking, but after a brief exchange of words, Riko promises to keep her secret and winds up in a strange situation where she has to simulate a scene involving meeting a guy for the first time with Natsuo. The next day, Riko shockingly finds herself recruited to the student council by Natsuo, as a cover to help her practice her relationship fantasies much to Riko's dismay. The next day, while pondering on all of the duties Natsuo is tasked with fulfilling, Riko feels as though she should offer aid with the workload. However Natsuo explains that her efficiency caused the previous Student council president to resign as well as explaining the strange traits of the two other members. Riko teasingly states that guys tend to avoid perfectly efficient girls, which prompts Natsuo to knowingly switch some important documents with her "Love Learning reports" and hence yielding her a severe scolding from Riko. Afterwards, Natsuo continues with her love lessons, but constantly finds herself pulled into unlikely romantic fantasies as frowned upon by Riko. The next day, while continuing their love lessons, a girl finds her way into the council room and timidly runs off before Riko can question her, while Natsuo is pulled into another one of her fantasies.

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