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"Love Lab?"
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Episode Summary: The Student Council decides to have Riko survey guys at the Irikimi Cram School to accumulate responses for a love question regarding which hairstyles are most popular to guys attending the nearby South Middle School. Riko learns from Satoshi that guys at South Middle favor girls with silky, black hair in addition to idolizing Natsuo. Realizing that she is best able to answer the question, Natsuo comes up with various ridiculous situations to help showcase her hair to guys, all of which are rejected by Riko. Unbenknownt to Natsuo, her love research had been stumbled upon by her older sister who realizes that Natsuo's lack of male interaction had caused her yearning for romance to spiral out of control and hence making her emotionally vulnerable, and blames their over protective father, who enrolls Natsuo at the Irikimi Cram School to expand her social horizons. While taking a tour of the school, Masaomi calls Natsuo by her first name, causing the latter to panic and run off. After encountering Riko, Natsuo describes her ordeal which is thrown out of context and laments that a "popular girl" like Riko wouldn't be bothered by something so minuscule, to which Satoshi quickly pieces together Riko's deception. The next day, as Riko's conscience starts plaguing her, she discovers Natsuo still reeling from the previous day's events and helps Natsuo feel better at the cost of her own personal credibility. The next day, the Student Council begins their usual antics of pooling their various ideas together. Eventually the girls realize that they may have to cut back on answering love questions to keep their research from gaining unwanted attention in addition to balancing their other scholarly duties. Just then, Sayori notices the Newspaper Association eavesdropping on them and they deliver their latest issue which showcases a section called the "Love Lab Correspondence."

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