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"Be My Friend Forever"
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Episode Summary: Momoka and Nana reveal their intention of aiding the Student Council by disguising their love responses as fictional stories in the newly created "Love Lab Correspondence" section, which the latter all agree on. Simultaneously, Riko starts feeling the strain of deceiving Natsuo. At the cram school, Masaomi remarks that his interactions with Natsuo always end up awry leading Riko to assume his interest in her which he blatantly rejects. Eventually Riko decides to confess the truth to Natsuo, but never quite finds the opportune moment. While at the cram school the next day, unbeknownst to Riko, Natsuo encounters Satoshi in Mr. Irikimi's office and her inexperience with guys manifests itself before they have a brief chat, about his supposed "confession" to Riko. Afterwards, Satoshi explains to Riko of Natsuo's trust in her which aids her guilt. Meanwhile, much to his misfortune, Masaomi encounters Natsuo once again and after a brief chat, Natsuo starts speaking of Riko's "popularity." However Masaomi subverts Natsuo's view on Riko and questions their friendship, which Natsuo brushes off on the pretense of Masaomi being a horrible person. The next day, the Student Council devises a foolproof plot to draw the entire student body into their covert schemes. Afterwards, Riko joins Natsuo on a run around the school and upon finishing, the latter expresses her platonic love for Riko. This prompts Riko to finally confess the truth to Natsuo, before being interrupted and given detention by Ms. Yoshida. As Riko laments her unsuccessful attempt that evening, Mika approaches and teases her for giving love advice when she has no experience herself. However, much to Riko's horror Natsuo suddenly appears behind them and seems not to have heard their discussion before running off to the Student Council room. With Riko following in her wake, Natsuo's face shows a pained expression.

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    Oct 6th, 2013

    her conscience is going to eat her
    if she wouldn’t still say the truth

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