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"One Hand on Another"
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Episode Summary: Natsuo uncharacteristically trips and falls over on her way to school, but Riko quickly helps and questions the former's unusual behavior. That afternoon, the Student Council's suspicions are piqued when Natsuo decides to skip love research to focus on council work. As this trend continues, Riko spirals into her guilt and resolves to confess the truth. The following day, Riko practices confessing the truth on Sayori while afterwards, Yuiko and Suzuno urge Riko to restore the usual air about the Student Council. Meanwhile in front of the cram school, Satoshi interrupts Natsuo's thought on Masaomi's words before they are both interrupted by one of Satoshi's teammates who refuses to believe Natsuo and Riko are friends. Natsuo defends Riko and describes her "popularity" to which Satoshi's friend reveals that Riko must have lied to her, on account of her true, violent personality, shocking Natsuo. As Riko shows up, Satoshi reveals his previous rejection by Riko and forces his friend to apologize. As a crowd starts gathering to view the commotion, Natsuo runs away and Satoshi urges Riko to go after her. Afterwards, Riko visits Natsuo's house and confesses the truth of her inexperience to Natsuo and tries and fails to quit the Student Council as penitence; calling Natsuo her best friend. Relieved that Masaomi's words were untrue, Natsuo forgives Riko and relishes the fact that they can share experiences from the same point of view; calling Riko her best friend. At the next day's Student Council meeting, Riko apologizes to Suzune, Yuiko and Sayori, who forgive her despite some slapstick punishment. Just then, Momoka and Nana enter and reveal the completed first issue of the underground newspaper. Finally the group excitedly starts preparing for the second issue, with Riko officially declaring the start of their next "Love Lab" meeting.

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  1. crnr


    Oct 6th, 2013

    yet again anime remind me how reality can be cruel TT-TT

    why can’t I find a person I can call TRUE friend TT-TT
    I mean a person that would accept me for who I am

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