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"The Shy, the Cool, and the Perverted?"

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Episode Summary: Suzune Tanahashi tries to hide when Natsuo and Riko begin a carefree exchange in the council room, destroying her image of Natsuo in the process and flees despite Riko attempting to stop her. Two days later Natsuo starts feeling hurt after thinking that Suzune disdains her due to her behavior, while Suzune herself starts regretting she ran away. Attempting to mend the situation Riko confronts Suzune and suggests that she clear things up with Natsuo after learning that both girls think that the other hates them. After school, Suzune makes her way to the council room and decides to do some cleaning while she waits for Riko and Natsuo; finding herself succumbing to her clumsiness just as the girls arrive. Natsuo takes that as inspiration and starts coming up with fantasies involving clumsiness, all of which are shot down by Riko. Afterwards, Natsuo and Suzune clear the air while the former expresses interest in the love lessons, while both girls simultaneously decide to refrain from lying, causing Riko to feel uncomfortable since she lied about having boyfriends to Natsuo. The next day, while the girls go through scenarios involving being carried by a guy, unbeknownst to them, another girl eavesdrops on their exchange. The next day, Riko and Natsuo start receiving harassment messages from the previous council president, Yuiko Enomoto and former treasurer, Sayori Mizushima who conspire to blackmail Riko and co. so that they can obtain their original council positions. As Natsuo and Riko realize who the messages originate from, Sayori startles them and starts inquiring about Natsuo's Dutch wife, but they end up spinning a web of lies which Sayori seems to buy, much to Riko's suspicion. Sayori later meets up with Yuiko and states that she declared war on Riko and co. much to Yuiko's shock.

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