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"Sayo and Eno Declare War"

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Episode Summary: While on her way to school, Riko remains bothered by Sayori's words and explains to Natsuo that their love lessons will have to be put on hiatus until Sayori's harassment stops. Meanwhile Yuiko and Sayori sneak into the council room and discover Natsuo's documents on love lessons. Later that day, Natsuo collapses in exhaustion from overwork while Yuiko devises a devious plan to use the love documents at the next council meeting. Riko tries to convince Sayori to rejoin the council although she states that she'll only return if Yuiko is reinstated as the president, something which Riko denies. Sayori goes on to explain Yuiko's traits until Yuiko herself abruptly enters the discussion and explains that she only wished for Natsuo to rely on her more before storming off, with Sayori lamenting on Yuiko's indecisiveness. Afterwards, Riko relays the information back to Natsuo and realize that she and Yuiko both want the other to rely on each other but keep letting their pride get in the way of their feelings. Elsewhere, another teacher mixes up the love documents with the committee documents and Yuiko mistakenly grabs the wrong pile after deciding not to follow through with her plan. The next day at the meeting, the love documents are discovered by its members and assume Natsuo had been behind those sort of lessons. Yuiko and Sayori enter the room and Riko shifts the blame to the former, which everyone seems to believe as plausible. As Natsuo becomes upset, Riko starts defending her along with the love learning notion although Sayori brilliantly comes up with a cover story by claiming that they were only researching the matter because of a note they received in the suggestion box. Finally at the end of the meeting, the student council members officially apologize to each other. Meanwhile outside the room, a girl drops a note into the suggestion box.

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