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"The Terrible Legend of Riko"

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Episode Summary: Riko's younger brother, Rentarō Kurahashi teases Riko's tomboyish personality while their mother, Yumiko Kurahashi continues to motivate her daughter into becoming more feminine. With just Riko and Natsuo at the Council room that afternoon, they decide to suspend its activities and visit the mall. They bump into Sayori, and Riko is forced to show them how to get guys to approach a girl. Unbelievably, a guy does approach Riko and seems to know her, although she fails to recognize him. After feigning her way through a short chat, the guy runs away of embarrassment when it turns out Riko had rejected his confession a long time ago. The next day, Riko learns from Mika Kiriyama that an old acquaintance of hers, Masaomi Ikezawa had been asking about her at cram school, and after meeting him that same day, Riko unexpectedly encounters the guy from the mall, who flees at the sight of her. Riko chases the guy to a pedestrian crossing bridge where she reveals she hadn't remembered him although he brushes off Riko's curiosity before running off once more, just before she vaguely remembers him. Later, Riko's mother shows her a picture of the same guy, Satoshi Nagino, an old teammate of hers from grade school who had a feminine appearance back then. The next day, Riko and Natsuo wait to confront Satoshi before cram school, but he again flees at the sight of Riko. Giving chase, Riko stops Satoshi at the bridge and apologizes for not recognizing him, attributing it to his masculinity. As they begin chatting about how the other has changed, Riko ruins the conversation by involuntarily making a feminine comment about Satoshi. The next day, the Student Council starts receiving more letters asking for love help in the suggestion boxes and while collecting the boxes, Riko and Natsuo inadvertently let slip a hint to some letter contents to school journalists: Momoka Minami and Nana Ichikawa.

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