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"To the Kurahashi House!"

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Episode Summary: Natsuo surprises Riko at the Council Room with a homemade gun that shoots party favors and explains that she intends to use it to make a guy's heart skip a beat, although Riko angrily tosses it out the window. Afterwards, Nana tries to retrieve the gun by climbing over a large wall as part of her news investigation but becomes stuck at the top and is hence discovered by Sayori and Yuiko before being rescued by Momoka. Yuiko and Sayori relay this to Riko and co. and decide that they should take precautionary measures to ensure that their love lessons aren't discovered. As the love lessons continue, the girls decide to continue with the topic of making a guy's heart skip a beat and Riko is forced to teach them how to slyly glance at a guy, although Natsuo goes overboard with Riko's advice. After deciding that they are still a ways away from actually approaching a guy, as shown my Suzune's timidity and Natsuo's experience with Masaomi, Riko invites the girls over to gain some experience by interacting with her brother Rentarō . The following day the girls show up at the Kurahashis' House and in addition to becoming smitten by Natsuo, Rentarō makes unrestrained comments about Sayori, Suzune and Yuiko prompting Riko to allow them to freely deject him. Afterwards, the girls spend the rest of they day in Riko's room where she narrowly dodges another situation whereby she would have had to reveal her lie to the group, while Rentarō keeps thinking about Natsuo. Afterwards, Rentarō asks Riko to find out what Natsuo thinks of elementary school boys and is disappointed by Natsuo's answer, prompting him to get back at Riko by showing their mother her poor tests results and gets her sent to cram school. Finally Riko once again encounters Masaomi and Satoshi at the cram school and has a rather heated argument about misunderstanding the latter's words when they last met.

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