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"To the Wild Kid..."
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Episode Summary: After getting caught stalking Riko and Natsuo, Nana reveals that the Newspaper Club was demoted to an association by Sayori, and runs off in tears after revealing Natsuo's and Riko's nicknames, with the latter taking the "Wild One" branding particularly hard. Back at the Council Room Riko starts copying Natsuo's feminine characteristics in an attempt to avert her tomboyish personality, much to the disdain of her friends. Afterwards the Council receives more papers asking for love advice that were put out by Momoka and Nana. The next day, the Newspaper Association prepares a special article in an attempt to harass the Student Council into giving them back Club status. Meanwhile, as the Student Council comes up with answers for the love questions, they remain at a loss on what the Newspaper Association's true angle is and decide to split up and gather information. Afterwards, Momoka gives Riko and co. the harassment article which questions the Council's integrity. Meanwhile, Yuiko questions the former Newspaper Club adviser, Ms. Sugihara and learns that in ten days there would be a Newspaper contest which prohibits "Societies" from entering. As Yuiko returns with this startling information, Sayori leaves for the day after having a meet-up with her boyfriend, leaving the remaining members to deal with the Newspaper Association. Riko and Natsuo eventually confront Momoka with the love questions and learn that the Association wasn't trying to enter the contest after all. Meanwhile, on her way back from photographing Momoka's little brother's baseball game, Nana stumbles on Sayori's meetup and takes pictures which she plans on using to blackmail Sayori. However, the next day at school, they are both caught and detained by Ms. Sakagami and Sayori decides to quit being a member of the Council in order to protect her friends from the consequences of her illicit relationship.

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