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13 Responses to “Love Stage!! Episode 1”

  1. freakmango

    Jul 9th, 2014


  2. Zygna


    Jul 9th, 2014

    oh noooo…….

  3. seishioni

    Jul 9th, 2014

    …….. I’m a guy and I’m gonna watch this ……… damn pv of the anime was too perfect for me to reject it hahaha well

  4. kiritoxasuna


    Jul 9th, 2014

    it’s here

  5. kyaaaa!!!

    Jul 9th, 2014

    so so so so so ready for this xD

  6. Over 9

    Jul 9th, 2014


  7. ritsu


    Jul 9th, 2014

    It’s so cute!!!..first ep is really fun and exciting to watch :3

  8. CuteMokona

    Jul 9th, 2014

    YEAH!!!!! I’ve been waiting forever!!!

  9. olympus

    Jul 9th, 2014


  10. eneLia

    Jul 10th, 2014

    YES!! :3

  11. AkiraAbe

    Jul 11th, 2014

    im wondering how close to the manga they will keep this

  12. Achamp

    Aug 9th, 2014

    I like the art in the screencaps I’ve seen so here goes

  13. souka

    Sep 22nd, 2014

    This Anime is contained scene that destroy your pure adolescence and pure trap and landmines. Please embrace yourself to the world of fantasy of fujoshi and yaoi.

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