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"Delicious Day"

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Episode Summary: The Japanese New Year is coming up and everyone is excited. Kagami, however, is once again worrying about her weight having increased again. She spills the fact that she likes eating mochi and Konata jokes that gorging on it has caused Kagami's weight gain. Miyuki explains that eating a rice cake that is as big as a matchbox is the same as eating a whole bowl of rice. The girls discuss various traditions, foods, and myths about New Year's, and which ones they actually practice. Valentine's Day also approaches, and the girls find themselves only sharing chocolates between themselves, as they don't have any boys to give them to. The girls also talk at length about kotatsu. Later, at a cafe, Konata announces that her younger cousin, Yutaka Kobayakawa, will be coming to live with her. Konata goes to the anime shop again where the dynamic comic book characters (led by returning character Meito Anizawa) yet again try and make a sale from her but fail, ultimately because she was 3 yen short of the price of the DVD they were about to sell her. In Lucky Channel, Akira appears with the twin drills she had mentioned in episode seven. Also, Minoru has the voting results for the figurine project mentioned in episode 8, and he wants Akira to announce them. She reluctantly agrees and finds out that there will be figurines of Konata Izumi and (much to Akira's disgust) Minoru Shiraishi.

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