Macross Frontier Episode 19 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: As the Colonial Fleet celebrates the success of its long distance fold jump, Ranka's pet Ai-kun suddenly disappears. Ranka and Brera look for Ai-kun together, ditching the victory parade where Ranka is the guest of honor. Along the way, Brera asks Ranka who does she sing for. Ranka, who's beginning to feel doubt about her singing, starts to consider her true feelings. Meanwhile, Alto sneaks into the Satome Estate to visit Sheryl, who tells Alto that she will no longer sing. Alto leaves in frustration to go to Ranka's concert at Mihoshi Academy, where he and Michel are participating as stunt pilots. As the concert goes into full swing and Alto realizes that Ranka is singing for him, Sheryl quietly watches from a distant hill and decides she is going to walk away, but is stopped by Michel's Zentrandi sweetheart and SMS pilot Clan Clang. Ozma and former sweeheart Lt. Catherine "Cathy" Glass complete their secret investigation of Chief of Staff/series sub-antagonist Leon Mishima and confront him in his office. Nanase asks Luca to help her find Ranka's pet Ai-kun and draws a picture of it for him, who becomes shocked because he recognizes Ai-kun as a Vajra spawn he saw on Mishima's computer earlier.

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