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"Northern Cross"

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Episode Summary: The Frontier populance's hatred of the Vajra is growing by leaps and bounds, and even Alto and Luca cannot control their own hate. Meanwhile, Sheryl decides to sing again with a brand new perspective, and Luca discovers that Sheryl's singing can now generate faint fold waves like Ranka's because of her V-Type virus infection. However, this is only possible because Sheryl's infection has reached a terminal stage where it can no longer be cured. Bobby finds Ozma and Cathy and they finally reunite with the rest of the SMS forces. Ozma and Cathy then expose Mishima as the mastermind behind the president's assassination to Captain Wilder and the Macross Quarter bridge crew. As a result, the Macross Quarter and majority of its crew deserts the fleet to search for Ranka. However, Alto, Luca, Clan and Nene Rora remain in Frontier and become part of the NUNS forces. Meanwhile, Ranka, "Ai-kun" and Brera find a protoculture planet near the center of the galaxy, where the Vajra apparently come from.

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