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"True Begin"

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Episode Summary: Due to insufficient resources in the Frontier Fleet, food is being rationed. As even oxygen is being lowered inside the colony, Alto cooks for a V-virus infected Sheryl as they pass the time peacefully. Later, Alto receives a detailed briefing from SMS owner Richard Bilrer and Mishima about the nature of the Vajra, the power behind Ranka's song and the threats they pose to Frontier's survival. Meanwhile, Brera and Ranka arrive at the Vajra home system. Despite her efforts to show that she is peaceful, the Vajras led by Ai-Kun capture Ranka while she realizes that Brera is in fact her real brother. While fighting his way towards Ranka, Brera encounters O'Connor and she tells him also that Ranka is his biological sister, but then takes total control over him using an obedience override in his cybernetic implants. The fold waves from Ranka's song are detected by both Macross Quarter and the Frontier Fleet. Having pinpointed the location of the Vajra home system thanks to Ranka's song, both the Macross Quarter and the Frontier fleet travel toward it. Mishima becomes the 5th president of the Macross Frontier Fleet and convinces the population that the only way the fleet can survive now is by annihilating the Vajra and claiming the homeworld of the enemies as their own.

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