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Episode Summary: While the Frontier fleet continues its fight against the Vajra the Macross Quarter arrives and saves Battle Frontier from an enemy attack. Captain Wilder reveals evidence that proves how leaders of Macross Galaxy fleet were behind Vajra attacks on Macross Frontier fleet and that Mishima was conspiring with them. Alto manages to contact the fleet to reveal that while fighting Brera, he managed to see the true enemy inside the giant hologram of Ranka. Having escaped death by ejecting from his VF-171EX, Alto tells the Macross Quarter crew to fire at said hologram. After the Quarter shoots it, it reveals the military flagship of the Macross Galaxy fleet, Battle Galaxy, proving that it was the true faction behind the Vajra attacks. The combined Galaxy/Vajra forces start attacking again and Island One, the main residential area of the Frontier fleet receives a fierce counterattack, becoming endangered. During the battle, Alto learns of Ranka's true situation and spurs Sheryl to help him wake her from her trance. O'Connor becomes fully connected to the Vajra Queen and starts attacking the Frontier forces with it. Frontier forces begin to falter under the sheer firepower of the Vajra and their coordination with O'Connor's control over the Queen's body and her drones. However, Ranka now freed of O'Connor's influence begins to sing and distrupts O'Connor's control of the Vajra through her songs. Ranka is rescued by Alto from Battle Galaxy where she was being held captive. Ranka then moves the V-type infection from Sheryl's brain into her abdomen, saving her life. Ranka and Sheryl start singing together and take the Vajra out of O'Connor's control. She makes an all-out attempt to destroy Island one, but the attack is blocked by all the Vajra who have been freed from her influence, many of them sacrificing themselves in the process. Brera and Alto fight together, eventually defeating O'Connor by severing the Vajra Queen's head and Alto using Michael's sniper rifle on her. The Vajra Queen once freed from O'Connor's control begins to sing the Aimo song that Ranka claims is a Vajra love song as all Vajra depart from the regions they were attacking. In the end the Macross Frontier fleet lands on the Vajra planet, where all the characters reunite.

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