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"The Hidden Citizens"
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Episode Summary: Recovering from his wounds, Aladdin finds Titus in his room, who questions him about his intentions. In the occasion, Titus reveals that he is a magician sent by Sheherazade to spy on Magnostadt, Aladdin reveals his identity as a Magi and they become friends. In the next day, Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus explore the other districts of the city but are informed that the 5th Authorization District is off limits to them until they receive the proper education. Curious about it, the trio infiltrates the 1st district and while investigating some documents, learns that the 5th district is the lair of those without an occupation, comprising two thirds of the entire city's population. While exploring the 5th district, Aladdin and the others find that its residents are being slowly drained of their Magoi when a small child collapses near them. While providing assistance to the child, who introduces herself as Marga, they learn that the citizens of the 5th district have their Magoi drained to provide energy for the magical tools used by citizens of higher levels, and Marga's heart condition is being worsened by it. Soon after, some magicians arrive to check on the citizens and when they find that Marga's Magoi is almost depleted, they throw her into a large pit to discard her, but as she falls, Aladdin and Titus jump down to rescue her.

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