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Episode Summary: Following Aladdin's declaration, Mu equips his Djinn and attempts to kill him and take over Magnostadt in one fell swoop, but Alibaba appears to stop the general, using Amon's power to dispel his Extreme Magic. Soon after, Sheherazade appoaches them and asks for a meeting in private with Aladdin, Alibaba and Titus at a neutral location. During the meeting, Aladdin asks for Sheherazade to end the war, claiming that destruction will befall the world should Mogamett be pushed to the limit, as the chanceller has possibly assembled a large quantity of Black Rukh and this could be used to repeat the same tragedy that befell Alma Toran, mankind's original world. Aladdin also reveals that this is Al-Thamen's ultimate objective and it must be prevented at all costs. After agreeing with a cease fire, Sheherazade reveals that her young body is a clone of her original, aging body just like Titus and allows him to spend the rest of his days with his friends, as her original body is almost perishing, and when that happens, all her clones will die as well. However, news of another invasion, this time from the Kou Empire reach them, and when Mogamett learns about it, he claims that from then on he will deal with all the invaders personally.

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  2. InstantKuri

    Feb 23rd, 2014

    This episode is so hype

  3. AlchemyBlue


    Feb 23rd, 2014

    concerned, only four more episodes but theres 2 whole volumes of manga left in this arc. Impossible to finish it all before the seasons over. expect a cliff hanger.

  4. olympus

    Feb 24th, 2014

    omg ur right only 4 more episodes i hope they extende it or story will be trolled

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    D: NO I WANT SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMMIE SEASON 3!

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