Magi 2: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 23 English Subbed

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"The Djinn Warriors"

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Episode Summary: Aladdin asks for Kouen's help and to convince him, summons his, Alibaba and Kouha's Djinns altogether. The Djinns then confirm Aladdin's claim that should the corrupt god Il Irah not be stopped, it will drain all of the world's White Rukh and all life on it will be extinguished. However, Kouen is more interested in which other secrets Aladdin could be hiding from him and agrees to help with the condition of the young Magi answering all his questions afterwards. As Kouen calls for his other brothers and sisters, the huge medium keeps conjuring Dark Djinns that attack the population of Magnostadt, and little Sheherazade and the magicians can do to stop them. Aladdin and Alibaba, assisted by the Kou Empire's King Vessels appear to fight the monsters, but the medium is protected by a strong barrier and Aladdin and the others would surely be exhausted before breaking it. Kouen then equips the Djinn Agares that he uses to bring forth a volcano and uses its heat to empower his Djinn Astaroth, allowing him to keep attacking without rest, but only its power is not enough, and he drags Alibaba to help him. As Amon is also a fire Djinn, both use the lava to empower their vessels and by combining his Extreme Magic with Kouen's, Alibaba strikes at the medium's barrier.

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