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Episode Summary: As the magicians rescue the wounded in Magnostadt, Mu and the other Vessels from Reim also join the battle. In a last effort to destroy the medium, Sheherazade sacrifices herself to reinvigorate the weary King Vessels with the last of her magoi and all dungeon capturers join forces to attack it with all their might at once. However, the medium survives the blow, but Aladdin glimpses a small light inside the giant making it hesitate. Certain that it must somehow related to Titus and Mogamett, the Magi uses the Solomon's Wisdom to reach them, accompanied by Yamraiha who also wants to reunite with her foster father. The two find Mogamett being conforted by Titus' Rukh and the chancellor reveals his regret for all the troubles he caused and all the people that he forced to fall into depravity in order to create the medium. In the occasion, it is revealed that Yamraiha was kidnapped from the Royal Palace in Musta'sim when she was a child and raised by him, but she claims that she does not regret it at all and he will always be a father to her. Mogamett then decides to depart to the Great Flow of Rukh, after asking Aladdin to look for a way to redeem those who had fallen into depravity and return them to the White Rukh as well. As the medium collapses, Gyokuen rejoices as despite failing to bring forth Il Irah this time, the medium had weakened the boundaries between worlds, and another medium may bring its advent immediately once completed. Meanwhile at the great palace, Ugo greets Sheherazade and offers her a chance to reincarnate as a Magi but she allows Titus to do so in her place. The Kou Empire then turns their attention to the conquest of Magnostadt, but Sinbad declares that Sindria and its allies had joined forces with the Reim Empire and he will take custody of the country for the sake of its reconstruction. Kouen then decides to take Aladdin with him and have him fulfill his part of their deal, but their discussion is interrupted when Titus, now reincarnated as the new Magi of Reim appears before them, much to his friends' rejoice. Elsewhere, Judar and Hakuryuu, who were watching the entire battle from afar, gather all the Black Rukh dispersed from the medium and before leaving with him, Hakuryuu bids farewell to Aladdin and the others, claiming that to follow the path he chose, he must turn his back to them.

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    Yeeeesssss ! That was the perfect ending. Need the next season asap u-u

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    We wont have season 3 until next year, the manga still ongoing after Mogamett arc. But don’t fret Sinbad OVA is coming

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    I love this can’t wait till Magi 3 this story is just too good

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    I did not see that coming at all. What a beautiful way to wrap up the season.

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    It’s surprising how someone can just turn their back on someone so quickly…. Poor Hakuryuu….

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