Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 18 English Subbed

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"The Kingdom of Sindria"

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Episode Summary: With the help of his friends, Alibaba organizes the reconstruction and establishment of the new democratic government in Balbadd and he is bitten by a strange snake that disappears soon after. However, a huge fleet from the Kou Empire approaches Balbadd and is preparing itself to invade it. Alibaba asks to Sinbad to let him defend his country against the invaders, but to protect him, he knocks him unconscious and sends him with Aladdin and Morgiana to Sindria instead, as he departs to the Kou Empire to negotiate with the Emperor on Balbadd's behalf. Several months later, Sinbad returns to Sindria and confirms to Alibaba and Aladdin that Balbadd had lost its sovereignty to the Empire but the rights of its citizens are ensured. In the occasion, Sinbad also tells them that the turmoil in Balbadd was orchestrated by Al-Thamen and asks for their help to stop their plans to spread chaos throughout the world. When informed that a huge monster is attacking, Sinbad sends Yamuraiha and Sharrkan, two of his generals to hunt it down and introduces them to Aladdin and Alibaba, claiming that they can teach them to increase their abilities. Later in the night, a huge party is held to celebrate Sinbad's return where he introduces his other generals to Aladdin and the others and Morgiana asks for Aladdin and Alibaba to keep fighting on their side in gratitude for all they did to her, which they oblige. Meanwhile, a prince sent by the Kou Empire to study in Sindria approaches the country, accompanied by Kogyoku, who by some reason, is furious with Sinbad.

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  1. Micchi

    Feb 11th, 2013

    just what did Sinbad DO to that kou princess..??? Lol… and the prince is cute!

  2. Sternenglanz

    Feb 11th, 2013


  3. icecoldsniper

    Feb 11th, 2013

    It’s not what Sindbad did Micchi. It’s what he didn’t do if you get my point. And you could get it before Sindbad started talking about family and when the princess said ” I’ll kill you for not doing it”. It was basically common sense that had to be applied. No offense. LOL!

  4. Anemois

    Feb 12th, 2013

    Morg blushing is too damn cute!!!

  5. Aladdin Is The Boss

    Feb 18th, 2013

    Omg Aladdin Is So Cute

  6. sellian

    Mar 23rd, 2013


  7. klamens

    Sep 21st, 2014

    nice dancing

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