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"Household of Flames"

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Episode Summary: Judar breaks past Sindria's defenses and confronts Sinbad about his intentions of bringing Aladdin to his side. Judar also questions him about why despite there always had three Magi alive on each era and with the other two known to be still alive, a fourth Magi enlightened by the Wisdom of Solomon, Aladdin, has appeared. He also warns Sinbad that sending Aladdin and the others to Zagan by themselves was a mistake. Sinbad then realizes that there are members of Al-Thamen who infiltrated Zagan after them. Meanwhile, back in the Dungeon, Aladdin realizes that the creature that appears before them claiming to be Zagan is not him, but one of his creations. The monster confirms his suspicions and reveals that the real Zagan is sleeping deep inside the Dungeon Room and the party falls on a trap door that leads to its real body which intends to devour them. Desperate to save her companions, Morgiana succeeds to activate her Household Vessel and uses to rescue the others and destroy the monster, but she collapses soon after, as the effort drained almost all of her Magoi. Alibaba carries Morgiana to the Dungeon Room with the others to have Zagan heal her, but a trio of enemies sent by Al-Thamen appear in their way, with the intent to kill them.

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