Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 24 English Subbed

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"Fall into Depravity"

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Episode Summary: The forces of Sindria resist the attack from Al-Thamen's forces, but while Sharrkan and Masrur manage to defeat two of the enemy's main commanders, an ominous huge mass approaches the island, devouring all it touches. Meanwhile at the dungeon, the empowered Dunya prepares a massive attack to wipe out Aladdin and the others while Isaac protects her. Just when Alibaba is about to be killed by Isaac, Hakuryuu stands between them to protect him and has his left hand cut off. Once completing her Extreme Magic, Dunya seemingly obliterates the trio with a rain of countless swords, just to find that she was aiming at a mirage created by Aladdin's magic, far away from their real position. Once exhausted Dunya returns to normal and Isaac starts breaking apart, revealed to be just an inorganic servant of hers. Alibaba tries to reason with Dunya, but she is mortally wounded by Ithnan, claiming that her services are no longer required. Alibaba is then surrounded by a mass of Black Rukn that shows him that she was a princess from the Musta'sim country, which was overthrown by the magicians of Magnostadt, and that Isaac was modeled after Dunya's servant who sacrificed himself to protect her. With the corruption spreading throughout his body, an enraged Alibaba stabs Ithnan with his sword. Ithnan then finally perishes, but not without accomplishing his objective: to have Alibaba fall into depravity and transform himself into a Dark Djinn.

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