Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 25 English Subbed

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"Alibaba and Aladdin"

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Episode Summary: Aladdin tries to reason with Alibaba with no success due to Ithnan's control. Morgiana and Hakuryuu join the fight and in the occasion, the real Zagan chooses Hakuryuu as his master, using his powers to create a replacement for his lost arm and they manage to give an opening for Aladdin to successfully reach his mind with the Wisdom of Solomon. With Kogyoku's help, Sinbad's forces manage to defeat the remaining threats and protect Sindria. As Ithnan flees away, Sinbad appears before him and fully equips his Djinn Focalor, but much to the enemy's surprise, his corrupted body recovers. Ithnan then realizes that by some reason, despite half of Sinbad's body having already fallen into depravity, he has full control over both his normal and black rukh, using them to deal a finishing blow to him. Inside Alibaba's conscience, Aladdin learns that a part of Cassim's magoi still lives inside Alibaba and with his help, he manages to erase the corruption in his body as well. Now with his main body destroyed, what remains of Ithnan inside Alibaba's mind is confronted by Aladdin, who wants to know the reason why Al Thamen intends to bring turmoil to the world and recognizing him as an envoy of King Solomon, he shows him visions of Solomon's kingdom Alma Toran, including the moment of its destruction. Claiming that it is impossible to dissuade him, Ithnan asks Alibaba to strike him down for good, but he refrains from doing so, allowing Aladdin to have him return peacefully to the guidance of Rukh. As Aladdin and Alibaba leave the dungeon with his friends, having saved the villagers and claimed its treasures, the young Magi renews his vow to help his friend to become a King that shall properly guide the world, certain that their adventures together are just beginning.

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