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"The People of the Plains"

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Episode Summary: Three days after clearing the dungeon, Alibaba still had no news about Aladdin's fate. He is visited by Morgiana who thanks him for making use of the treasure he collected to free all slaves including her. Alibaba then decides to leave the city looking for his friend. Aladdin wakes up in a nomad village far away and is welcomed the Koga Clan's leader, the Shaman Chagan. Hakuei Ren, third princess of the Ko Empire appears at the village to ask the clan to join the Empire, but Chagan declines her offer. Fearing that the Empire may eventually annex the Koga by force, Aladdin pays a visit to the princess and she promises him to solve the matter without causing any deaths. Meanwhile, some women from the clan are kidnapped by slave traders, and a group of warriors set to rescue them, warned to not kill anybody in order to not cause a war. As Aladdin and Chagan wait for them to return, she tells him the story of how the Koga were once the biggest empire in the world after a king chosen by a magi unified his people and formed the first nation in history. After the warriors return, bringing the women with them and having fulfilled the promise to not shed any blood, Chagan announces her decision to have the clan join the Ko Empire, but soon after an arrow is shot at her.

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  1. TehGre

    Oct 28th, 2012

    i didn’t expect that kind of an ending.

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    What an unexpected twist.

  4. BitNdragon

    Oct 31st, 2012

    ……..someone is a douche. WHAT THE HELL!!!

  5. lolz

    Nov 5th, 2012

    “Our people have lived together for hundreds of years. We are of the same blood” – aka WINCEST CLAN!

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    some perversion, hmmmm….

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