Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 6 English Subbed

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"Warrior Tribe Fanalis"

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Episode Summary: Morgiana have passed the previous six months traveling with a caravan, but just when she is about to reach her destiny, the city of Balbadd, where she hopes to take a boat to her homeland, she learns that the caravan will take another route because of a group of thieves is on their way. Morgiana decides to confront the thieves by herself and is defeated by a slave trader who paralyzes her with the poisonous claws of his eagle. Once again in chains, she wakes up near a scared child who was separated from her parents and when the slave traders learn that the girl is feverish, they decide to feed their beasts with her. Morgiana watches in horror as the child is about to be killed when she hears Goltas' voice urging her to fight back, and she breaks up her restraints with her power, protecting the girl and defeating the slave traders. Morgiana then reaches the cell where the other captives are being held just to find Aladdin among the prisoners. As the members of Morgiana's caravan appear to help her, they find the thieves and slave traders fleeing in fear of Ugo. After reuniting with the caravan, Morgiana learns from Aladdin that he is also going for Balbadd to meet Alibaba and she continues her travel to the city now accompanied by him.

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